Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Some Changes to That's Vegetarian

That's Vegetarian Has Moved!!!

No more Long Beach, CA. Now the Big Apple!!! And what a change it is.

During my transition, I was watching a fair bit of TV, cooking shows to be more exact. My first sublet had cable TV which I haven't had for years and once the digital transition happened, my rabbit ears didn't work as well so there went PBS on Saturdays.

There were many that were great. And all too many more that were just nasty. One thing I realized, they all had these nice user-friendly kitchen. Well, mine here in NYC, not so much. My kitchen is WAY WAY smaller for one and I didn't bring all my nifty kitchen gadgets with me. That means there is a bit of a redux going on. Barebones cooking and baking in a barebones kitchen with minimal space and still healthy? YES it can be done and I'll show you how!

I also ask for you to bear with me as I figure out the technical aspects of the show. The space is different and not as bright as my last place and I switched sublets once already. It may take a few episodes to get it all together. The recipes will still be delicious!!!!!

I wanted to share the cooking shows I really like and why.

I seriously fell in love with Alton Brown's Good Eats. I know we've all seen him on Iron Chef and have watched him somewhere through the years I am sure. This was the first time I watched many many episodes in a row. I like the way he incorporates science and whys into his show. Plus it is entertaining. Old episodes are on Cooking Channel TV (Cooking Channel TV - Good Eats) and Hulu (Hulu - Good Eats) too!

America's Test Kitchen has always been a favorite with Christopher Kimball and his team.  (http://www.americastestkitchen.com)  My roommate and I would sit around on Saturday's and watch on PBS. It is unbiased, factual, and full of good recipes and information. They are actually funny although in a dry way most of the time. This interview of them is amusing too. (Cookbook Forum)

Jamie Oliver has many great shows. (Jamie Olivers' Food Revolution, Cooking Channel TV - Jamie Oliver Bio) He promotes healthy eating and getting to the basics. He has been working internationally promoting healthy eating in schools.  He has numerous shows and cookbooks available.

Chuck's Day Off is based out of Montreal. Chuck Hughes has 2 restaurant is funny and makes good food using good ingredients. It is a fun creative show to watch. He is just so down to earth. It is great. (Cooking Channel TV - Chuck Hughes Bio)

Giadia de Laurentis was not high on my list when I started my adventure only to find out she is a well-trained knowledgeable cook and not just a pretty face. (Cooking Channel TV - Giada de Laurentiis Bio)
Thank you for your patience through our transition as we get back on track providing you with great recipes and great videos.  There are many more shows out there and I will keep you abreast on what I find. Please go to our FaceBook page (That's Vegetarian Facebook page) and share your favorite show (apart from That's Vegetarian of course!)